The Client

88 Ricketts Rd is a commercial high rise office building located in the busy corporate precinct of Mt Waverley. Comprising of 5 expansive levels fitted with a multitude of different office spaces the building is home to a diverse array of corporate businesses.

The Challenge

The core infrastructure of the building includes a water cooled 600kW chiller, gas fired boilers, cooling tower and a large air handling plant all in their 25 year old existing condition which to our advantage is still in decent running order.

The main challenges we faced was that although the existing equipment was running, we had lost all faith in the existing control system which was in its own right very restrictive, almost non operable from a user interface perspective and was not delivering the control algorithms that were needed to un-lock the potential efficiencies in the plant by saving money on running costs, equipment run times and effective front end user capabilities.

The Solution

Air Control de commissioned the existing control system in the building. We then designed, installed and commissioned a new fully networked Innotech building management control system (BMCS).

The system now integrates all components of the 5 level mechanical services plant and provides energy efficient control logic, integrated system functionality and a user friendly 3D real-time graphical user interface accessible remotely from any PC in the world.

The system drills down into each piece of equipment and office space, giving the user the ability to monitor temperatures, adjust temperature set points, schedules, ambient lockouts and monitor a comprehensive array of critical alarms. 3D floor plans of the building, including 3D rendered graphics of all sections of the plant make this system a very usable central monitoring station.

Alarms are emailed directly to Air Control’s dedicated BMS monitoring station where our technicians then take the necessary action to attend to any breakdowns or issues such as high or low temperatures within office tenancies or failure of any part of the plant.

The Result

The new system has reduced temperature complaints by more than 80%. The system has reduced overall plant running costs by up to 25% and reduced the overall maintenance of the plant by incorporating the remotely monitored and controlled 3D user interface.

Electronic fault notification has also provided a quick response to any faults or breakdowns and provided an attractive service feature for the buildings tenants to enjoy (quick turnaround of any temperature issue, faults or temperature change requests within the building).


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