Over 14 years our company has grown from 2 staff to almost 40, 1 service contract to 2000, a spare bedroom to a 620sqm office building and a consistent annual growth rate over 20%.

Since 2004 we have been providing both technical & professional services to our clients while in the background building our corporate structure and enhancing the products and services we have available to our clients.

Our motivation is driven by our clients and the growth and prosperity happening in their businesses. We get excited about working with our clients and being a part of their accomplishments and success.

Whether you are a hospital, hotel, retail chain, building owner, winery or manufacture pharmaceutical products, Air Control has built and structured a business that provides solutions to cater for your air conditioning, heating and ventilation needs.

Talk to us today about your business, your challenges, your goals and we will be pleased to discuss the solutions offered by our business to compliment yours.

What We Do

We specialise in the servicing, maintenance, repair and installation of air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems in all types of commercial properties. We provide a 24hr 7 day around the clock service to make sure your business is protected from the unexpected.

From packaged air conditioning systems through to chilled water plants, heating water plants, refrigeration plants, VRF systems, automation & controls we have your building covered.

We offer a vast range of technical solutions and services:

Servicing all types of industries Air Control deliver expert services to:

Commercial office high-rise buildings

Real estate & property managers

Hotel and accommodation facilities

Hospitals & health care facilities

Shopping centres

Shopping malls & arcades

Large retail chains

Restaurant & gaming venues

Pharmaceutical plants & laboratories

Energy services

Oil & fuel companies

Mobile telco companies

Banks, supermarkets

Transport companies

Aged care

Large residential properties

Australian Government Departments

Our Alliances