The Client

The first 10 acres of vines were planted at TarraWarra in 1983 along with the Besen family’s vision to produce wines of superb quality and integrity and to share them in a location of great beauty and hospitality. The vineyard sits on 400 hectares of prime Yarra Valley farmland and is best known as a producer of exceptional Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

The Challenge

The iconic property situated on the farmland of the estate contains a single pipe hydronic system which provides heating and air conditioning via ceiling mounted fan coil units and a central plant chiller/boiler system. The property displays an array of visual arts and for the owners and staff environmental conditions are critical.

The atrium located in the property is surrounded by stunning glass and open plan floor layouts and was faced with the challenge of fluctuating temperatures and humidity caused by the exposure to the elements high on the hill of the Yarra Valley farmland.

Challenged with the developing use of the atrium the property was in need of a holistic, yet practical and innovative approach to provide a solution which would deliver a balanced and controlled environment yet remain concealed and almost invincible from an aesthetics & noise view point.

The Solution

Air Control was able to blend mechanical engineering with exceptional architecture by providing supplementary air conditioning into the atrium through custom made noise insulated enclosures.

The enclosures were made to blend with the existing atrium walls and made to look like it was part of the original atrium design. Supply air is delivered through linear bar grilles and open ceiling return air drawn through the atrium ceiling space.

Noise issues were addressed by designing the custom enclosures with acoustic lining and condensers positioned in remote outside locations away from any traffic areas.

Control of the new reverse cycle equipment was integrated into a new Innotech automation system which detects the atriums temperature & humidity and controls the new system to provide accurate conditions to protect the visual arts on display and indoor landscaping.

The Result

The Atrium now enjoys a controlled environment through the installation of the new supplementary air conditioning solution. An added benefit of the existing fan coil unit setup, the Atrium is now fitted with its own dedicated system which runs independently from the main central plant and provides whisper quiet air distribution into the large space and to maintain temperature and humidity conditions day and night.

The system is energy efficient, quiet, and most importantly runs automatically to protect the atrium from any harmful environmental conditions.


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