The Client

Mantra Group is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest leisure and corporate accommodation providers, and their presence is expanding into Asia. The group operates a portfolio of more than 120+ properties under the brands of Peppers, Mantra and BreakFree. They are located across major holiday destinations, all Australian capital cities and prime locations in New Zealand and Indonesia.

The Challenge

Air Control was engaged by Mantra to undertake a retrofit of their existing building management control system (BMCS) which controls the operation of their mechanical assets connected to the buildings essential safety measures equipment.

The upgrade was to take place without any impact to the availability of these services as the hotel still operated its 221 guest room hotel business.

After reviewing both the advantages and disadvantages of the current system, Air Control was able to highlight the valuable opportunities available to Mantra by integrating a newer automation system to run the buildings services.

The Solution

Air Control retrofitted a new Innotech control system into the multi-level property by installing a new network backbone through the building and staggering the changeover of the system switchboard by switchboard, level by level.

By doing this Air Control was able to retain the operation of the current system while swiftly introducing the newer control solution into the building.

Taking over essential services equipment, Air Control designed newer control logic software to cater for the essential safety measure regulations by taking control over stairwell pressure systems, smoke spill equipment, exhausts, car park CO levels and incorporating the shut down of essential services equipment in conjunction with the buildings fire protection system.

The Result

With better control over the essential services equipment in the building, access to fundamental time schedules, alarms and energy monitoring capabilities Air Control & Mantra are now sitting in

the driver’s seat of a newer, more intelligent and robust control system that delivers savings in energy usage while setting the benchmark in meeting essential safety compliance and providing seamless, web based access for user monitoring, alerting and control.


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