Our preventative maintenance programs increase efficiency, improve reliability, meet regulatory compliance and extend the operating life of your equipment and plant. Maintenance covers all of the activities that are carried out on plant and equipment in order to improve performance and prevent the likely-hood of equipment breakdown, dissatisfactions & risks.

Protect your assets and protect your business from the un-expected. Contact our office today to discuss your maintenance requirements and request a proposal to explore your options.

On Site Log Books

On-site log books with a complete asset register, breakdown of maintenance tasks and technician/client sign-off areas.

Scheduled Visits

Scheduled visits to your site at intervals which are convenient for you.

Fast Response Times

Our maintenance customers receive priority 1 service giving you guaranteed response times in the event of equipment breakdown or failure.

Client Relationship Managers

Assigned client relationship managers for reliable communication throughout the maintenance program.

Track Your Assets

We track and store specific information on your assets to provide up to date and relevant data when required. Look at previous expenditure, breakdown of costs, condition reports and expected life cycle.

Qualified and Experienced

Our technicians are either home grown completing their training and apprenticeships through us, or have come from trade backgrounds with a large variety of experience in the commercial air conditioning industry. Fully accredited, licensed and more importantly highly experienced.

Our Alliances